How do I Transfer Videos From My DVR to My Computer?

by Steven French

Many television providers offer a DVR to record and playback television shows at a time that is more convenient for you to watch. Unlike VHS tapes and earlier solutions, the quality of most DVRs is much clearer. Unlike other solutions there is no simple way to store your TV shows outside of the DVR. Using a capture device will help you record your DVR shows to a video file on your computer for backup.


Install the capture device in your computer or connect its USB cable to the computer. Consult the manual for specific installation instructions.


Insert the disc included with your capture device and install the capture software. You may also need to install drivers for the device.


Connect the video and audio cables from your DVR to the capture device. An HDMI cable will generally provide the best quality if your device supports it.


Click the icon to open the capture software you installed previously and enter recording mode. You should see a preview of the video signal.


Start playback of your recorded show on the DVR using the remote and start recording in the capture software. Wait until the entire show finishes and stop recording.


Edit your recorded video file if the software supports it and save the file to your hard drive.

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