How to Transfer Video to DVD

by Chris Moore

If you have a large collection of old VHS video tapes that will wear down over time, it's possible to transfer those images over to DVD. You might also have recorded videos from a camera that you want to transfer onto discs. The right hardware and software connected to your computer will allow you to record both types of video onto DVDs that will last longer and be much easier to store and transport.

Connect your video camera or player to a video capture device that is hooked up to your computer. This type of device usually connects to the computer through a USB connection and to the camera/player through RCA composite cables.

Open the software application that works with the video capture device. This will open a window that includes a small screen that the video image must play on.

Insert a blank recordable DVD into the DVD recorder/burner hooked up to your computer. Make sure the disc is of the correct format (like DVDR+ or DVDR-) for your particular recorder.

Play the video from the camera or video player by pressing the Play button on that device. Look for the image to appear on the application's video screen and the sound to come out over the speakers.

Press the Record button on the application to begin recording the video image in real time. Press the same button or the Stop button--it can vary depending on the application--once you are finished recording.

Go to the options menu in the application--some programs will automatically send you to this once you stop recording--and select the option to record the image onto the DVD. This may require an additional DVD burning application.


  • check You can also transfer the recorded video image to a movie-making/editing software application; Mac-based programs, for example, are often designed to transfer videos to iMovie. You can then edit the video images as you see fit, such as adjusting the volume, trimming the scenes and organizing them in the order you want.

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