How to Transfer a Canon ZR600 Digital Video Camcorder Tape to a Computer

by Nathan McGinty

The Canon ZR600 is a consumer digital video recorder that allows you to capture footage to digital video tapes. By means of a special cable called an IEEE1394 cable (named after the hardware specification), you transfer movies and files from your Canon ZR600 to your computer. You will also need a video capture program in order to import the footage. Most operating systems will come with built-in capture software already installed, allowing you to make movies right away.

Set the Canon ZR600 up next to the computer. Plug in the camcorder or ensure that it has a fully charged battery so it won't run out in the middle of a transfer. Turn it on.

Connect an IEEE 1394 cable to the input on the Canon ZR600. Connect the other end to the IEEE1394 input on your laptop or computer.

Power up your computer and log in. Start the capturing software on your computer. Both Windows (Windows Live Movie Maker) and MacOS (iMovie) now come with capture software included. There are also professional software packages, such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, that you can use for video editing.

Ensure that the editing software recognizes the Canon ZR600. You can check this in either the "File" or "Preferences" menu on your software. If the camera is not recognized, try turning it off and then on again. You can also restart the editing software.

Open up the capture window. This is done by clicking on the "Import" or "Capture" button. This will open up a screen with VCR style controls on the bottom.

Locate the footage that you want to capture by using the control buttons in the bottom of the preview window to rewind and fast forward the footage.

Press the "Record" or "Capture" button to begin transferring the Canon ZR600 footage to your computer.


  • check Once the footage is captured, you can edit it and add music or effects. The footage can then be exported to DVDs, Blu Ray or converted for playing on a personal media device.

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