How to Transfer VHS to a Computer

by Marques Williams

VHS is quickly being phased out by DVDs and Blu Ray. However, people who still have home movies on VHS need a way to preserve them. One way is to transfer that VHS footage onto a computer. This is a good method because after the footage is on the computer, you can burn edit and burn it to DVDs.

Connect your VCR to your TV tuner card with an S-Video cable. A TV tuner card a computer to be connected to a TV, cable box, or other home entertainment devices. If your computer doesn't have one already, you can buy one at virtually any electronics store. They're fairly inexpensive.

Open the video capturing software on your computer. TV tuner cards generally come with some sort of video capturing program that records video played from an external device.

Turn on your VCR and capture the VHS footage with the video capturing program. After it is captured, it will now be saved to your hard drive. You can then burn DVDs when desired.

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