How to Transfer My Verizon Wireless Prepay Phone to My Contract

by James McElroy
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Verizon Wireless allows prepaid phone customers to transfer prepaid devices to contract accounts. Verizon does require the prepaid phone to have been in use for at least six months before the transfer. If you would prefer to use your prepaid phone under your contract, and you have had it for at least six months, call Verizon's customer service and they will activate the phone under your contract phone number.

Step 1

Dial 1-800-922-0204 and press "Send" on any phone except your prepaid phone.

Step 2

Enter "00" when you hear the automated voice. This bypasses the automated system.

Step 3

Tell the Verizon Wireless operator you would like to transfer your prepaid phone to your existing contract phone number.

Step 4

Read the serial number off the back of your Verizon prepaid phone when the operator asks for it. This number is usually behind the battery on the phone and begins with the letter "A" and a series of zeros. The operator will help you find it if you have trouble.

Step 5

Hang up when the operator says he is done.

Step 6

Dial *228 on your prepaid phone and press "1" when you hear the automated voice.

Leave the call open until the automated voice says "your phone has been programmed successfully."


  • The Verizon Wireless representative will ask you for your account password before she will transfer your phone. If you do not remember it, she will also accept the last four digits of your Social Security number.


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