How to Transfer Super 8 to a Computer

By Greyson Ferguson

Convert 8mm film to any computer.
i 8mm film tape on white image by Slobodan Djajic from

Super 8mm is a film format used on older film movie cameras. The format provides a slightly higher resolution than standard 8mm yet not as large as 16mm. If you have reels of old super 8mm film canisters sitting around your home and want to import the content onto your computer, it is possible to transfer the film into a digital format by using a local film transfer company. Stores such as Walgreens and Rite Aid (and other local drug stores) offer film transfers to CD that are far cheaper than purchasing your own film projector and video camera.

Step 1

Take your super 8mm film strip to a local photo processing company. These locations typically are capable of transferring your footage onto a CD or DVD although the film must often be sent out to a larger facility. So it takes a few days for the finished product to be returned.

Step 2

Pick up your transferred CD/DVD when it arrives. (You will be given a return date once you drop off the super 8mm film.)

Step 3

Insert the CD/DVD into the disk drive of your computer. Close out all AutoPlay windows that appear on screen.

Step 4

Click "Start," (My) "Computer" and double-click the CD or DVD icon. A window will appear with all the video files of the film transfer.

Step 5

Click and drag the video files onto your computer. Once complete, you may eject the CD/DVD from your computer.