How Do I Transfer My Suddenlink Services?

by Andrew Tennyson
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If you’re moving to a new home or business location, take your Suddenlink cable service with you. The company provides the dedicated online tool Easy Move designed to facilitate switching your cable seamlessly from one address to another.

Step 1

Visit the Suddenlink Easy Move website to start the transfer process (link in Resources).

Step 2

Enter your current address information in the Old Address section on the left of the screen. This is the address you are moving your service from.

Step 3

Enter your new address in the New Address section. This is the address you are moving your service to.

Step 4

Enter your full name, email address, access code, phone number, service activation date and preferred installation time in the provided fields under the Move Information heading.

Step 5

Click the “Schedule My Move” button to submit your transfer request. Suddenlink automatically verifies your submitted information and, if everything checks out, forwards you to a confirmation page directing you to check your email.

Check your email to obtain both confirmation information and specific details about the appointment to install Suddenlink service at your new location.


  • Log in to your online Suddenlink account to obtain your access code, located next to your service address, just above your account number.
  • If your submitted information contains an error or the transfer date you select is problematic, you are directed to the Transfer Error page. Landing on this page means Suddenlink’s computers couldn’t automatically schedule your transfer. A Suddenlink representative will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your transfer manually over the phone.
  • If you land on the Address Not Found page after submitting your transfer request, Suddenlink does not provide service at your new location. The Address Not Found page directs you to take advantage of the Cable Mover website to search for a provider in your area (link in Resources).
  • If you have any questions about the transfer process or want to initiate the process manually over the phone, call Suddenlink at (877) 305-7320 to speak to a customer service representative. You can also contact a customer service representative online via the company's Live Chat page (link in Resources).
  • For situations in which you can’t transfer your service to another location, you can cancel the service outright by contacting Suddenlink’s customer service department at (877) 794-2724.


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