How to Transfer From Sony Microcassette to a Computer

by Elijah Chau
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Sony microcassettes are effective for recording and listening to audio in multiple situations. If you want to pull this audio onto a computer, though, it may seem difficult at first--most computers are not automatically compatible with microcassette tapes. However, using some simple accessories will allow you to save a copy of your audio onto a computer.

Step 1

Place your microcassette tape into a tape player. Rewind the tape to the position where you want audio to be taken from.

Step 2

Plug in one end of the audio cable into the cassette player's "Line Out" jack. Connect the other end to your computer's "Line In" jack.

Step 3

Launch your computer's audio recording program. Sound Recorder is the default Windows audio recording program, though third-party applications such as Audacity and Sony Acid Pro have similar functionality.

Step 4

Begin recording through your computer's audio program. Press "Play" on the tape player to begin playing the tape.

Press "Stop" in the recording program and on the tape player when the desired amount of audio has been captured. From here, you can export the recorded audio onto your computer as a separate sound file.


  • Calibrate the volume level on the tape player before recording. If the tape is played back into the computer too loudly, it can result in unsatisfactory sound quality. Try recording a small portion of the tape at 50 percent volume and adjust as needed.


  • If you want to clean up the final recording, use a third-party audio editing program to clip out empty space on the track or separate the file into separate sections.


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