How to Transfer a Sony DCR-TRV120/TRV320 Video to Computer

By Orlando Bogue

Use a firewire cable to download video from the Sony DCR-TRV120/TRV320.
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Save recorded video from the Sony DCR-TRV120/TRV320 camcorder to the computer for editing purposes. The Sony DCR-TRV120/TRV320 is a Digital 8 camcorder that has a built-in 25x optical zoom. It is designed for easy use with a 2.5-inch LCD screen to monitor what is being recorded. The camcorder records the video in a digital format, which allows it to be downloaded onto a computer without needing additional devices.

Plug the Sony DCR-TRV120/TRV320 camcorder into the wall using the AC adapter to give it consistent power during the transfer. Set the power switch on the camcorder to "VTR." Press the "Menu" button on the camcorder and roll the "Sel/Push Exec" dial to the "AV->DV OUT" option and push the dial in to turn it on.

Connect a Firewire cable to the "DV IN/OUT" cable on the Sony DCR-TRV120/TRV320 camcorder and the other side of the cable into the "DV input" on the computer. Access the video-editing software on the computer by clicking the "Start" button, then clicking "All Programs" and then selecting the manufacturer of the software.

Import the video from the camcorder by selecting the "Import" option in the software menu. The play button may need to be pushed on the camcorder depending on the software requirements. Once the video is done downloading, select the desired name for the file and save it in the necessary format.