How to Transfer Songs From a Sony Walkman to a Computer

by Melissa King
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The Sony Walkman media player, first available in 1979, modern versions of the storied device remain for music lovers today. With today's Walkman, you don't need any proprietary software to transfer songs to and from the device. Sony recommends that you use Windows Media Player, already installed on most computers, for song and media management. If you need to make a bit more room on the Walkman for some new content, you can quickly transfer songs from the player back to your computer. If you don't have Windows Media Player, transfer songs via the Windows Computer menu.

Windows Media Player

Step 1

Connect the Sony Walkman to your computer using a USB cable. Your player may have come with a USB cable in the package.

Step 2

Click the Start button, "All Programs" and then "Windows Media Player."

Step 3

Click the "Sync" tab. Windows Media Player will recognize the Walkman and create a list of the songs stored on the device. This may take a few minutes if you have a large amount of content on the player.

Step 4

Right-click a song that you want to transfer, click "Add to Sync List" and select "Sync." Alternatively, drag songs from the Sync List to the List pane on the left and select "Sync."

Disconnect the Walkman from the computer when syncing completes.

Computer Menu

Step 1

Connect your Walkman to the computer via USB cable. Wait for the computer to recognize the device.

Step 2

Click the Start button and then "Computer."

Step 3

Double-click the Sony Walkman icon under "Devices with Removable Storage." You'll see a list of all the music on the device.

Step 4

Double-click the album folder containing the music you want to transfer. Music that's not part of an album won't be in a folder.

Step 5

Drag and drop songs from the Walkman menu to any location on your computer, such as the Music folder or the desktop. Alternatively, right-click a song, select "Cut" and then select "Paste" where you want to copy the music.

Disconnect the player when the transfer completes.


  • Do not disconnect the Walkman during song transfer, as doing so may corrupt the player's data.


  • Files transferred from the Walkman to your computer via Windows Media Player will be added to the playlist titled "Copied from Device."


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