How to Transfer Songs From iPod to Mac

by Krystle Vermes

Losing files can be frustrating. The iPod doesn't allow you to automatically transfer your data back onto your computer after a meltdown, but it's possible to do it manually. Your songs aren't lost as long as you have your backed-up MP3 player handy, the Houdini application and a USB cable to reignite its connection to your Mac. Your music library can be easily restored in a matter of minutes.

Connect the iPod to the computer using the iPod's USB cable.

Download and install the free Houdini program for your Mac. This will allow you to view hidden files on your computer.

Double-click on the .dmg Houdini file once it has finished downloading in its entirety.

Open a Finder window and click on the "Applications" icon on the left side bar. Here, you will find the downloaded Houdini program. Double-click on the Houdini icon to launch the program and install it safely to your Macintosh hard drive.

Double-click on the Houdini icon to launch it and access the music files on your iPod.

Select the "Folders" tab; this will open up five options for you: "Hide," "Create," "Move," "Open" and "Delete."

Click on the "Open" option. This will bring up the Finder window, in which you can select your iPod under "Devices."

Double-click on the "Music" folder to access the hidden song files on your iPod. Simply click and drag the files into a new folder or area of your desktop to complete the transfer.


  • check Hold down the "Shift" key while selecting song files to select and move more than one at a time.


  • close Your transferred songs will be in numbered folders. You must double-click on each song file and manually play it in iTunes in order to identify it correctly; there is no automatic way to transfer your songs as listed on your iPod.

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