How to Transfer Songs From My iPod to My Cell Phone

By Stephen A. Powell

Listening to music saved on a media-capable cell phone can be convenient if you do not wish to carry your Apple iPod. Because the iPod acts as a removable storage disk, you can transfer music stored on the device to your phone and other USB-enabled hardware. Performing a device-to-device transfer takes a matter of seconds once you properly edit the iPod's settings in iTunes.

Step 1

Connect the iPod and cell phone to your computer using their USB adapters. Launch iTunes if it does not load automatically upon the iPod's connection.

Step 2

Click the iPod's device icon in the iTunes "Source" pane.

Step 3

Check "Enable Disk Use" from the "Summary" tab if it is not already selected.

Step 4

Open the iPod's device icon in your computer's file manager.

Step 5

Open the cell phone's device icon in a separate file manager window.

Drag and drop the iPod's music from its window into the cell phone's file folder.