How to Transfer a Panasonic PV GS250 Video to a PC

by Andrew Schrader

The Panasonic PV GS250 stores photos and video on either mini-DV tape or in its Micro SD storage card. Users can access and transfer their footage to a PC using the USB connector cable that comes standard in the camera's package, along with MotionDV Studio, which allows you to preview and capture footage from tape. To transfer footage from the Panasonic PV GS250 to PC, you must first install the USB driver using the CD-ROM provided with the camera package.

Installing USB Driver

Turn on your computer and insert the setup CD-ROM into your disc drive. Wait for your PC to recognize the disc and launch the program's "Setup Menu."

Select all the components in the "Startup Menu" to be installed, including the "USB Driver," "Video Stream Driver," "DirectX" and "MotionDV Studio." (All components are needed to transfer video from your Panasonic to your PC). Follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is complete.

Restart your computer.

Transferring Video to Your PC

Connect one end of the USB cable to your Panasonic camera, and the other to the proper USB port on your computer. Turn on your camera and switch it to "PC Mode."

Wait for Windows to recognize the device connection. When prompted, choose the "Open folder to view files using the Windows Explorer" option.

Navigate through your camera's footage in the new pop-up screen and double-click the clips you want to view.

Drag and drop the videos' icons you want transferred from the camera's Windows Explorer window onto your desktop or into another desired location, and wait for them to copy.

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