How to Transfer Your Purchased Songs to an iPod (6 Steps)

By Melissa Cole

Control and configure your iPod outside of iTunes.
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The iPod is an MP3 player device that has revolutionized the way we listen to music. An iPod comes with an installation CD for iTunes, companion software to be used on your computer (iTunes is also available as a free download online). You can purchase digital music, videos, television shows, movies, audio books and podcasts from the iTunes music store. Concurrently, you can transfer the purchases that you have made on your computer to be played on your iPod device. This process may vary slightly between versions of iTunes, but will work best when using a recent version of iTunes.

Step 1

Open iTunes. Plug your iPod into your computer using the provided USB connection cord. Wait for your computer to automatically detect your iPod device and allow it to sync.

Step 2

Find the "Devices" heading in the left pane in iTunes. Double-click on your where your iPod device is listed. In the main window, you will see several tabs giving you customization options for your device. Click on "Music" from the listed tabs.

Step 3

Make sure the box on the left of the "Sync Music" option is checked. Click the radio button next to “Entire music library” if you would like to transfer your entire music library onto your iPod (if your iPod has enough storage to accommodate your music library) -- your new purchases will automatically be included in your next sync. Click the radio button next to “Selected playlists, artists, and genres” if you will be picking and choosing which playlists will be transferred onto your iPod.

Step 4

Check the box on the left of "Purchased" underneath the "Playlists" heading. The Purchased playlist is an automated playlist where new purchases are included by default as you buy them from the iTunes store. As long as you include this playlist within those to be transferred onto your iPod, your newly purchased songs will be on your device.

Step 5

Click the "Sync" button on the bottom-right corner of the pane to save your changes and to sync your purchased songs to your iPod.

Step 6

Add individual purchased songs to your iPod manually by clicking on the song and dragging and dropping it onto the iPod icon in the left side menu.