How to Transfer a Podcast From a PC to an iPod

By Stephen Lilley

The audio output port is often marked with an icon representing headphones.
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A podcast is a type of audio broadcast that is recorded and distributed via the Internet. You can download many different podcasts to your computer and listen to them directly from Apple's iTunes. If you want to transfer a podcast that you've downloaded from your PC to your iPod, you do so with iTunes just as you do with regular audio, video and pictures.

Step 1

Plug your Apple iPod into your computer.

Step 2

Open Apple's iTunes software. Click your iPod's name to pull up its "Sync Settings" window.

Step 3

Click "Podcasts."

Step 4

Check "Sync Podcasts." Check the box next to all the podcasts listed in the window on screen that you want to sync with your iPod.

Step 5

Click "Sync" to transfer your podcast from your PC to your iPod.