How to Transfer Pictures From a Verizon Android

by Tiffany Garden

Your Verizon Android phone is capable of transferring photos from your phone to your computer using its included USB cable. You do not need any additional transfer cables or software to move the files from your phone to your computer. Once you connect the Android-based phone to your PC, the computer recognizes it as an external storage device. You can access the files on the phone as you would on an external hard drive.

Connect your Verizon Android phone to your computer using its USB cable. Your computer automatically installs the driver for your phone, if necessary. Slide the Android's notification bar down, then choose "USB Connected" and "Mount."

Click "Start" and "Computer." Double-click your Android phone in the list of drives.

Double-click the "DCIM" folder. Double-click "Camera."

Drag and drop the photos from the "Camera" folder to the location on your computer in which you want to store them. To transfer multiple pictures, hold down the "Ctrl" key and click on each picture you wish to move, then drag the group of pictures to the computer folder. You can also drag and drop the entire folder.

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