How to Transfer Pictures From a Samsung Convoy to a PC

By Shea Laverty

The Samsung Convoy includes voice recognition dialing.
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You can take pictures using your Samsung Convoy cell phone's integrated, 2-megapixel camera, and you can save and download pictures on the phone. Snapping pictures can be a simple and fun activity, but moving those photos to your PC requires a little more finesse. You must use the Ally's USB cable, and you will need a microSD card. Without these, retrieving your photos is next to impossible.

Step 1

Download the Samsung Convoy USB drivers (link in Resources).

Step 2

Insert your microSD card into the applicable slot on the Convoy.

Step 3

Power on the phone and wait for the home screen to load.

Step 4

Press "OK" to access the menu, and then press "5" on the dial pad to open the Media Center.

Step 5

Press "2" to open the "Picture & Video" menu. Press "3" to open "My Pictures."

Step 6

Select the picture you wish to transfer to the PC.

Step 7

Press the right "-" soft key to open the Options menu, then press "6" to open the Manage My Pics menu.

Step 8

Select "Move" from the menu and press "OK" to transfer the selected picture to the microSD card. Repeat this process as necessary for all pictures you wish to transfer to the PC.

Step 9

Return to the home screen.

Step 10

Connect the Samsung Convoy to your PC using the phone's USB cable.

Step 11

Press the red "Disconnect" or "Hang Up" button if prompted to start Media Sync mode; this mode is only for syncing music, not pictures.

Step 12

Press "OK" and then press "9" to open the Settings & Tools menu.

Step 13

Press "2" for Tools, followed by "8" to activate USB Mass Storage mode. Your PC displays a popup confirming that a removable disk has been connected – this is your phone.

Step 14

Click "Open Folder to View Files" from the quick-launch prompt, or select the phone from your My Computer menu; it is listed as a removable drive and assigned its own drive letter, such as F or H.

Step 15

Browse the folders and locate your pictures. They should be in the top-level folder or in a folder marked "Pics" or "Pictures."

Step 16

Copy the images from the folder and paste them into a folder onto your PC. Your pictures have been transferred from the Samsung Convoy to your PC.