How to Transfer a Picture From Facebook to Email

By Allison Boley

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Whether it's the latest snapshot of your grandbaby or an action photo from last weekend with your friends, you just have to have that picture someone else posted on Facebook. In only a few simple steps, you can download that picture and send it to yourself, your friends who don't have Facebook, or your entire contact list via email.

Download the Photo

Step 1

Find the photo in your newsfeed or on the profile of a person who posted the photo or is tagged in the photo.

Step 2

Click the photo once. It should now fill most of your screen with the caption and comments at the right.

Step 3

Let your mouse hover over the photo, but do not click.

Step 4

A gray bar across the bottom of the photo will appear. One of the choices should say "Options." Click it.

Step 5

A lighter gray box will appear above your mouse. One of the options in the box should say "Download." Click it.

Step 6

Follow the procedure on your computer for saving a file from the Internet. If given the option to open or save the photo, it is sometimes easier to open it first and then save it from your photo editing program. Make sure you know where the file is saved.

Email the Photo

Step 1

Open the software you use for email, or log in to your Web-based email provider.

Step 2

Compose a new email. Choose your recipients and type the subject and message that you want to go with the photo.

Step 3

Click the button in your software or webmail to attach a file to your message. Find the photo where you saved it on your computer, and attach it.

Step 4

Wait for the photo to fully upload to the message, and then send the email.