How to Transfer Your Photos from One iPhone to the Next iPhone

By Avery Martin

Apple provides several ways to transfer photos between iPhones and other iOS devices. One method involves transferring your photos to your computer from one iPhone and then syncing those photos to the other device. You can also use Photo Stream and skip the computer altogether. Don't worry about exceeding your cellular provider's data plan limits, if you choose to use Photo Stream. Photos synced with Photo Stream are uploaded only when you quit the Camera app and connect to a wireless network.


Step 1

Connect the iPhone that has the pictures you want to transfer to your computer.

Step 2

Select the "Tap to Choose What Happens With This Device" prompt, and select the option to "Import Photos and Videos."

If the prompt doesn't display, select the "Photos" tile on the Start screen, click the "Import" button and select your iPhone.

Step 3

Select the photos you want to transfer and click "Import."

Step 4

Connect the other iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes if it doesn't start automatically.

Step 5

Click the "iPhone" button in iTunes and select the "Photos" tab.

Check the "Sync Photos From [Folder or Application]" box, select the folder or application where you saved your photos and click "Sync."

Photo Stream

Step 1

Tap the "Settings" app, select "iCloud" and choose "Photo Stream" on each iPhone.

Step 2

Set the "Photo Stream" toggle switch to the "On" position.

Step 3

Connect to a wireless network. Tap the "iCloud Personal" button, select "Settings" and choose "Wi-Fi." Select a network to connect and automatically sync your photos with Photo Stream.

Step 4

Click the Home button to return to the main screen and then tap the "Photos" app.

Select the "Photo Stream" tab to access your photos. If you use a different Apple ID on each device, click the "+" button and select the iCloud address used on your other iPhone. Once accepted, recipients can view the last 30 days of your uploaded photos via Photo Stream.