How to Transfer Photos From an Olympus Digital Camera

By C. Taylor

Transferring photos from your Olympus is easy with the Auto-Connect cable.
i digital camera age image by Steve Brase from

Like other digital cameras, Olympus digital cameras allow you to view your photos on your computer monitor, email them or archive them on an external hard drive or a CD or DVD. However, to access them, you must first transfer the photos to your computer. Olympus makes this easy with an included Auto-Connect USB cable that ties the camera and computer together.

Turn on your Olympus digital camera.

Attach your camera to the computer with the USB cable. Your computer should automatically recognize and install the necessary drivers to enable access to your camera. Some Olympus models will flash a message on their LCD screen asking if you wish to communicate with the computer; you should select "yes."

Open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows key and E simultaneously. Navigate to the driver letter corresponding to your camera. It should be labeled "Removable storage," plus a drive letter. If your Olympus model puts the photos in a folder, navigate through that folder until you see your pictures.

Hold the Ctrl key and press A to select all photos in that folder. Alternatively, you can select individual photos by clicking them. If you are holding the Ctrl key you can highlight multiple files.

Click and hold any selected file and move your mouse cursor over the folder where you wish to copy the photos, such as "Documents" or "Pictures." Release the mouse button to begin copying the photos. When copying is complete, you will have access to those photos in the folder where they were copied.