How to Transfer Music to a Cell Phone From Windows Media Player

by Kefa Olang

Windows Media Player (WMP) is a player mainly designed for Windows operating systems. Windows Media Player enables you to sync music to your cell phone quickly and easily without going through a complicated setup process. Using WMP, you can select your favorite songs, playlists and artists, and within minutes upload your favorite tunes to your cell phone and enjoy quality music wherever you go.


Insert the SD or MicroSD card into the card slot on your cell phone. The card slot is generally located on the side, back or bottom of your cell phone, depending on the model.


Connect your cell phone to the computer using the USB cable that came with your cell phone, click the Windows "Start" button, and then click "Windows Media Player" to launch the media player.


Click the "Library" tab in the Windows Media Player. You should see the songs in your WMP library. Click the "Sync" tab. You should see the "Sync List" in the right pane.


Drag the songs you want to upload to your cell phone into the "Sync List," then click "Start Sync." Windows Media Player will upload the songs to your cell phone.

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