How to Transfer From a PC to an iPad

By Chris Miksen

The Apple iPad stores various information, such as contacts, calendars, music and videos. Since the iPad can store many different files, you can transfer those same types of files from your computer to your iPad via iTunes. iTunes is a media player and file manager program that comes with all iPads. As soon as you connect your iPad to your computer, you can begin transferring your desired files.

Transferring Pictures

Step 1

Connect the iPad to your computer via the provided Apple USB cable. Open iTunes.

Step 2

Click "iPad" under the Devices section. Click "Photos." Click the check box next to "Sync Photos from:" and click the drop-down menu. Select "Choose folder."

Step 3

Navigate to the main picture directory you wish to transfer from. Click the directory folder and click "Select folder." Your sub-folders will appear.

Click the circle next to "Select folders" and choose one or more of the available sub-folders. Click "Apply" and wait for iTunes to notify you that the transfer is complete before disconnecting your iPad.

Transferring Other Types of Files

Step 1

Connect the Apple USB cable to your iPad and computer. Launch iTunes and click "iPad" under the Devices section.

Step 2

Click the various panes to open the sync settings for each file. For example, click the "Info" pane to open the sync options for contacts, calendars and email accounts; or click the "Music" pane to open the sync options for music files.

Step 3

Turn on the sync option. Some files have different sync configurations than others. For example, to sync your calendar, you must choose which program to sync from. To sync your movie files, you only need to turn on the sync option.

Step 4

Click the "Summary" pane to configure your sync settings. For example, you can choose to sync only checked songs and movies from your library.

Do not disconnect your iPad until iTunes notifies you that it is OK to disconnect the device.