How to Transfer Video From a Panasonic Camcorder 3CCD to a Computer

By James Clark

Panasonic camcorders transfer files to a computer through a USB cable.
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The Panasonic 3CCD series is a line of high-definition camcorders with a special triple lens system to enhance the color quality of the recorded video. The digital footage on the camcorder can be transferred quickly to a computer for long-term storage and editing by using a USB or IEEE1394 (also known as Firewire) connection. Panasonic camcorders come with software on a CD-ROM that must first be installed on the computer so it can communicate with the camcorder.

Step 1

Place the camcorder software CD into the computer's media tray and close. The CD will begin playing automatically.

Step 2

Click the prompt buttons on the screen to install the software, then restart the computer.

Step 3

Connect a data transfer cable from the port on the side of the camcorder to a free port on the computer. If the computer has an IEEE1394 (Firewire) port, use a Firewire cable for faster transfers. Use the USB cable if the computer does not have a Firewire port. The Panasonic camcorder is equipped with both types of connection ports.

Step 4

Click the "File" tab on the left side of the software screen when the Panasonic software starts automatically on the computer. The software launches when the computer detects the camcorder connection.

Step 5

Review the video files stored on the camcorder to identify videos for transfer to the computer. Pressing and holding the "Ctrl" (Control) key on the computer while clicking once on each video file makes it possible to transfer more than one video at once.

Step 6

Click the "Start Transfer" button on the computer screen to download the selected videos from the camcorder.