How to Transfer Outlook Contacts to Excel

by Angela M. Wheeland

All of the productivity applications included in the Microsoft Office Suite work together. While Excel is a spreadsheet application and Outlook is an email program, you can synchronize your Outlook Contacts to Excel by exporting them. Synchronizing your email contacts is essential when you have more than one email account. By exporting the contacts from your Outlook email account, you can add additional entries and share your contacts with your other email accounts and computers.


Click the "File" tab and click "Options."


Click "Advanced," then click the "Export" button. The "Import and Export Wizard" opens on your screen.


Click "Export to File," then click the "Next" button.


Click "Comma Separated Values (Windows)," then click "Next."


Click "Contacts," then click "Next.


Choose a destination folder to save the Excel file and click "OK."


Click "OK," then click "Map Custom Fields." The Map Custom Fields dialog box shows which fields Outlook is exporting. Add any additional fields like "Company" or "Address" by dragging and dropping the fields. Click "OK" to proceed.


Click the "Finish" button to being the exportation process. Double-click the contacts file to open it in Excel.

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