How to Transfer a Mobile Number From One Person's Name to Another

by Amy McClain
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Transferring a mobile number from one person's name to another is a service offered by most wireless providers. An alternative to canceling and paying expensive early termination fees, transferring a mobile number also transfers the number's financial responsibility and remaining contractual obligation. The new owner must meet your wireless company's requirements for service. This usually involves passing a credit application, and applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Step 1

Contact your wireless provider and request information about a transfer of liability. (If you don't know the customer service number, it can be found on your invoice.) The representative can let you know if the process can be completed electronically or if you need to go to a store.

Step 2

Provide the representative with the new party's personal information. In most instances, photo identification is required. Full name, address and valid contact information must also be given.

Fill out the release form and sign it. The person taking over the account will also need to sign the transfer form to assume the phone number.


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