How to Transfer the Entire Operating System to a New Hard Drive on an Acronis

by Ruri Ranbe

Acronis True Image Home allows you to back up or clone the contents of your hard drive to another disk. Acronis copies the operating system, device drivers, applications and personal files to the destination disk, while maintaining the integrity of the original disk.

Acronis True Image Home can take about an hour or more to clone an operating system to a new hard drive. Although rare, errors can occur during the cloning process, so it's important to be present while Acronis is running.

Insert your copy of Acronis True Image Home into the disc drive. Restart the computer.

Press the key as indicated on the boot screen to access setup. Use the directional pad to navigate the BIOS. Go to the boot menu and change the boot drive to the disc drive.

Save your settings and exit from the BIOS. The computer will boot to the disc drive.

Use the directional pad to select "Acronis True Image Home (Full Version)" from the menu. Press "Enter."

Choose "Tools & Utilities" from the tabs. Click "Clone Disk." Choose "Manual" from the options.

Click "Next." Select your old hard drive as the "Source Disk." Click "Next." Select your new hard drive as the "Destination Disk." Click "Next."

Click "OK" if the message "The destination hard disk drive you have chosen contains some partitions that could contain useful data" appears onscreen.

Choose "Proportional" as the "Move Method." Click "Next." Acronis will clone the contents of your operating system to the new hard drive.


  • check Use the disk data displayed on the "Source Disk" and "Destination Disk" pages as a guide. The old hard disk should have less storage space than the new drive.
  • check Navigate to your PC manufacturer's website and go to the support page. Look up your computer's model and consult the online manual for instructions on configuring the BIOS, as the setup utility varies from PC to PC.
  • check Back up any important files on the old hard disk before cloning the hard drive, as any errors which occur during cloning could corrupt the files.


  • close Acronis will erase any data contained on the new disk.

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