How to Transfer New E-mail From One Account to Another

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You will want to transfer e-mail if you are using more than one account, if you are planning to close one account, or if you want to use an alias. There are various methods that you can use, depending on your needs.

Forward Your Messages to Another Account

Find out if your e-mail provider will allow you to forward your messages to another account - for example, if you want to forward your regular e-mail messages to a Web-based account that you can access while traveling.

Open a second e-mail account.

Contact your regular e-mail provider and ask for instructions for having your e-mail forwarded to the new account. Sometimes the instructions for forwarding will be on your e-mail provider's Web site. Other times you might have to contact Technical Support or the Help Desk.

Use an Alias

Often if you purchase a Web site or if you enroll in one of the multi-level-marketing or reseller programs on the Internet, you will be given a number of POP e-mail accounts, or aliases. You may be given e-mail addresses such as or or

When someone sends you an e-mail using these aliases, the messages will be automatically redirected to your regular e-mail account. You will retrieve these messages from your regular account.

Import Settings from Another Account

If your e-mail software permits it, you can import the settings from one account into another software program.

Open the software program that is to receive the new settings.

Search for Import commands or menus.

Follow the software's instructions for importing the new settings.

Once imported successfully, you will be able to use this account to retrieve new e-mail messages from the first account.


  • check This is handy if you are changing Internet Service Providers. You could keep a small e-mail account with the first provider for a few months and have your e-mail messages forwarded to your new account. It is much the same idea as filing a Change of Address notification at the Post Office when you move.
  • check When replying to an e-mail message that used your alias address, your regular e-mail address will show up in the e-mail message unless you have reconfigured your e-mail software to use the alias. If your e-mail software permits you to have more than one account, you can set up a separate account for the alias address as well.

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