How to Transfer Music From RealPlayer to iTunes

By Jen Anderson

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If you've been using RealPlayer to listen to music on your PC and decide to start using iTunes, you may worry that it will be complicated to transfer your music from Real Player to iTunes. But actually, it is a very straightforward process. When you first install and set up iTunes, it may automatically search for your digital music files and add them to the iTunes library. If iTunes is already installed, you will have to transfer your music manually.

Step 1

Locate the digital music files on your PC. If you don't know where they are, double-click on "My Computer" and search for digital music files. Digital music files may have one of the following file extensions: ".AAC," ".MP3," ".WAV," ".AIFF" or ".aa."

Step 2

Open iTunes. Decide whether you want iTunes to automatically copy your digital music files to an iTunes folder. If you allow this, there will be two copies of each of your digital music files on your PC, doubling the amount of memory your files take up. You can decide to leave your digital music files where they are and iTunes will be able to play them. Or you can allow iTunes to copy your files and then manually delete them from the original location. Or you can keep two copies of each digital music file. From the iTunes "Edit" menu, select, "Preferences." Click on the "Advanced" tab. Check or uncheck the box labeled "Copy Files to iTunes Music Folder when Adding to Library" depending on what you have decided. You can bypass this issue entirely by cutting and pasting your digital music files into the folder named "iTunes Music" before you transfer your music into iTunes.

Step 3

From the iTunes "File" menu, select "Add File to Library" if you want to transfer a single file or "Add Folder to Library" if you want to transfer an entire folder at once.

Step 4

Navigate to the file or folder you want to transfer and select it. Click "Open." iTunes will transfer your music into your iTunes library and you will be able to see all of your music when you open iTunes.