How to Transfer Music from the PC to an iPod Touch

by Chad Buleen
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Thanks to the fact that iTunes is available on PCs as well as Mac computers, transferring music from any computer to an iPod Touch is a fairly simple process, as long as iTunes is installed on the computer. An iPod Touch is similar to other iPods, in that it is able to play audio and video files, but users can also install applications and games on the device, much like an iPhone owner would on his device.

Step 1

Open iTunes by clicking the "iTunes" icon on your desktop.

Step 2

Click and drag the music file(s) you want to transfer onto your iPod Touch into a playlist in the iTunes window.

Step 3

Connect your iPod Touch to a USB connection on your computer, using the cord that came with your iPod Touch when you purchased it.

Step 4

Click the iPod icon that appears on the left side of the screen in the iTunes window underneath the "Devices" menu. A new iTunes browser window will open.

Step 5

Click the "Music" tab in the new browser window. It is found between the "Summary" and "Movies" tabs.

Step 6

Check the box next to "Sync Music." Select the radio button next to the words "Entire music library."

Click the "Apply" button. ITunes will begin transferring the music files from the PC to the iPod Touch. You will know the sync is complete when the iPod Touch screen reads "Sync Complete." You have now transferred music from a PC to your iPod Touch.


  • You can transfer podcasts, movies, television shows and games from a PC to an iPod Touch using iTunes.

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