How to Transfer Music From a MacBook to the Android

by Elijah Chau

Google's Android mobile operating system powers smartphones such as the Motorola Droid and the HTC Incredible. As with other smartphones, you can use your Android-powered smartphone as an MP3 player. Thanks to Android's integrated music playback functionality, you can listen to audio files that you transfer from your MacBook onto the phone.

Turn on your phone and your MacBook.

Use a USB cable to connect your smartphone to the MacBook. The USB end of the cable will fit into the computer, while the smaller end will go into the phone.

Wait for the "Connect to PC" prompt to appear on your phone. Select the option labeled "Disk Drive" and press "Done." This will allow your phone's internal storage and memory card to be modified by the computer.

Open at least two windows within the Mac Finder. One window should display the phone's internal storage or memory, and the second window should display your music collection on your MacBook.

Select the songs you want to copy onto your Android phone from the MacBook Finder window. Drag these files onto the smartphone's Finder window. A file transfer progress bar will be displayed. When the progress bar disappears, your songs will be transferred from the MacBook onto your Android phone.

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