How to Transfer Music on an LG Cell Using a Data Cable

by Tammy Columbo
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You don’t need any additional software to transfer music files between your LG phone and computer. All Android-based LG phones and many LG feature phones support Mass Storage Mode when connected to a computer via the USB data cable. Enabling this mode on your device allows the computer to recognize your phone as a removable drive. You can then use a file manager app to drag and drop audio tracks and other files between the phone and your computer.

Android Phones

Step 1

Connect your LG phone to your computer using the phone's USB data cable.

Step 2

Tap and hold the "Status" bar at the top of the home screen. Pull the bar downward to view notifications. The "USB Connected" notification appears.

Step 3

Tap “Turn On USB Storage” or “Mass Storage," depending on the options available on your phone, to enable Mass Storage Mode, and then tap “Done.” The phone registers to the computer as two removable drives -- one drive is the phone’s internal storage and the other is the SD card.

Step 4

Open Windows File Explorer and click on one of the LG Removable Drive entries in the left panel. The selected file system opens in the right panel.

Step 5

Browse to the “Music” folder. Note that you can maintain a Music folder on both the phone's internal storage and the SD card. The Android Music app finds and lists all of your music in the application.

Drag and drop music files between the phone and computer to transfer your audio tracks.

Feature Phones

Step 1

Connect the phone to the computer using its USB data cable. The Mass Storage dialog box opens.

Step 2

Press the “OK” key to enable Mass Storage Mode. The Mass Storage Connected screen opens and the device registers to your computer as a removable drive.

Step 3

Open Windows File Explorer, and then click the "LG Removable Drive" entry in the left navigation panel to open the phone’s SD-card file system.

Browse to the “Music” folder. Drag and drop audio tracks between your computer and phone.


  • You must have an SD card installed to enable Mass Storage Mode on a feature phone.
  • If your feature phone does not automatically prompt you to enable Mass Storage Mode when connected to your computer with the USB data cable, enable this feature by opening the "Settings" or "Settings and Tools" option from the home screen and tapping "Connectivity." Tap "USB Connection Mode | Mass Storage | OK" to save your settings.


  • Audio files are stored in a folder named “Music” on the phone. The folder can be located on internal storage, on your SD card, or both.
  • You can transfer and store any type of file on your device using Mass Storage Mode.


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