How to Transfer Music From My iPhone to a New Computer

by Alex Zang

You've purchased a new computer, installed iTunes, and opened the program only to find that none of your music is there. The solution? You'll need to hook up either your iPod or your iPhone to your computer and transfer all the music you've purchased. With just a few clicks and your USB cable, you'll have all your music transferred from your iPhone to that new computer.


Open iTunes.


Connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable.


Click the "Store" button located near the top of iTunes.


Click "Authorize Computer." Type in your iTunes account ID and your password, then click "Authorize," then "OK." You can only have five computers authorized at one time.


Click "File," then "Transfer Purchases from iPhone." All your music, images and videos will transfer from your iPhone to your new computer.


  • check You'll only need to authorize your iTunes account the first time you use it.

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