How to Transfer Music From My Computer to an iPod Nano

By Si Kingston

The iPod Nano is one of the smallest members of the iPod family. The sleek device attempts to incorporate many of the features of larger iPods. The fifth generation even comes complete with a camera. To start listening to music on the Nano, you have to download the music files from your computer using iTunes.

Step 1

Download and install iTunes. Follow the installation prompts, then launch the iTunes software.

Step 2

Connect the larger end of the USB cable into the bottom of your iPod Nano and plug the other end into your computer's USB port.

Step 3

The iTunes software will prompt you to name your device. Name your device (e.g., Jason's iPod) and then select the iPod Nano device in the left pane of the interface.

Step 4

Select the "File" menu at the top of your iTunes interface. Select "New Playlist." The new playlist will now be listed underneath your device name. This playlist will be automatically saved to your device. To rename the playlist, right-click on the words "New Playlist" and type in your own name.

Step 5

Select your new playlist. This will cause the playlist to open up in the main iTunes window.

Drag your songs from your computer and drop them in the playlist window in the main iTunes window. The songs will automatically transfer to your iPod Nano.