How to Transfer an MP4 File to an iPod Nano

By Kefa Olang

Put your MP4s on your iPod Nano.
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iPod Nanos come with a crystal-clear display that enables you to watch your favorite videos wherever you are. By default, iPod Nanos support videos in MP4 format. However, if you have videos in other formats, such as AVI or WMV, you can convert them to MP4 format and upload them to your media player. Using a free video conversion program, within minutes you can upload home or downloaded videos to your iPod Nano and enjoy entertainment on the go.

Make sure that the video that you want to upload to your iPod is in MP4 format. If the video is in another format, convert it to MP4 using a video conversion program. If you do not have a video conversion program, download and install a free program such as AVC Video Converter or Prism Video Converter (see both in the Resources section).

Launch your program after completing the installation and click the "Add Files" or "Add Video" button, depending on the program that you are using. Select the video you want convert from the folder that you saved it in, and click "Open" to import it to the video conversion program. Select "MP4" in the "Output Format" or "Profile" box.

Select "640x480" in the "Resolution" or "size" box. The 640x480 setting gives you a high-resolution display. Select "AAC" in the "Audio Format" section, and select "Stereo" or "2 Channels" in the "Channels" box for a balanced left and right output. Select the folder that you want to save the video in, and click "Convert" or "Encode." The video conversion program converts the video to MP4 format.

Connect your iPod Nano to the computer using the USB cable that came with your media player and launch iTunes. ITunes displays your iPod under "Devices" in the left pane.

Click the "File" menu and click "Add to Library" to launch the import dialog box. Select your MP4 video from the folder that you saved it in, and click "Open" to import it to the iTunes library.

Click your iPod Nano under "Devices" and click the "Movies" tab. Click the "Sync Movies" check box and click the "Automatically include" check box. Select the MP4 video you imported to the iTunes library and click "Sync." ITunes uploads the video to your iPod Nano. When the process completes, right-click your iPod Nano under "Devices" and click "Eject." Close iTunes and disconnect your player from the computer.