How to Transfer Mini DVDs to a Computer

By Lynndee Marooney

Mini DVDs can hold 15 to 20 minutes of video.
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A mini DVD often is used in camcorders but also can be used to store all forms of data. It holds a smaller amount of information than a normal DVD. Mini DVDs can be used for viewing in computers but the data should be transferred to normal size DVDs for viewing in DVD players. In some cases, you will need a mini DVD adapter for your computer.

Open the DVD tray on your computer by pressing the button on the front of the DVD tray. You also can go to "Start," "My Computer," right-click over the DVD icon and click "Eject."

Look at the DVD tray. You will see a smaller recessed circle that the mini DVD can rest in. Place the mini DVD in the tray and give a gentle push on the tray. This will cause the computer to pull in the tray and begin to read the DVD. If you do not see this or your computer has a side loading DVD, see Step 3.

Put the mini DVD in the mini DVD adapter. The mini DVD will sit in the adapter, which is the size of a normal DVD. Insert the DVD adapter into the computer once you have seated the mini DVD into it securely. You can purchase the adapter at your local computer or office supply store.

Go to "Start," then "My Computer," and double-click the DVD icon that holds the mini DVD. This will open the disc and show its contents. Drag each item onto your desktop to transfer the items to your computer. Once the items are showing on your desktop, you can further drag them into your document folders or other folders. To drag the items, click your mouse button once and hold it and do not release the button until you have dragged the item to the desktop.