How to Transfer a Metro Phone Line to Another Phone

By Melly Parker

Updated August 23, 2017

It takes less than an hour to activate your MetroPCS phone.
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MetroPCS numbers can be used on both compatible CDMA and unlocked GSM phones. If you have a phone that's ready for activation on MetroPCS, there are several ways to get service. You will still have to transfer your personal data and contacts from one phone to the other, even after it's activated.

GSM Phones

If your phone uses a SIM card, it operates on a GSM network. Service can be transferred from one phone to another by removing the SIM card from the active phone and inserting it into the new phone. The SIM card slot is accessible on most phones by removing the battery cover and battery. When you insert the SIM card, the gold contacts should be facing down.

CDMA Phones

CDMA phones must be activated through MetroPCS using your ESN/MEID. It's located under the battery on the phone or on the box the phone came in. Your ESN/MEID is your phone's identifier on the network and needs to be provided before the phone can take over your service plan at MetroPCS.

Online Activation

One CDMA activation option is activation through your online MetroPCS account; if you don't already have an account, sign up for one with your MetroPCS phone number to manage your phones and plan online. After you're logged on, click the "Activate and Select Plan" option and then select "Change/Upgrade Phone." Click the image of the old phone you were using and enter your personal information, including the ESN/MEID of the new phone. Follow the prompts to complete the activation.

Customer Service

If you don't want to swap your phone online, customer service can help you transfer service from one phone to another. Help is available at authorized MetroPCS retailers and by calling the main support line for MetroPCS (see Resources). Explain that you want to move service from one phone to another and then provide your ESN/MEID; the representative will help you complete the process.