How to Transfer Sony Memory Card Pictures to a Computer

By Billy Kirk

Sony in 1998 revealed their memory card variant, the Memory Stick (MS). Since then, the company has come out with a number of variations that run off this basic technology and provide users with the data transfer options they need, all in a small, external card. Transferring the contents of these cards to a computer is not a difficult task, although there are a few steps to keep in mind as there are a couple of different routes to take.

Examine your computer and its different ports. This will be necessary to determine Sony Memory Stick compatibility. Some computers, as well as other electronic devices, come equipped with card readers automatically. However, the kind of Memory Stick you have (such as a Memory Stick Pro Duo, for example) may not be directly compatible with your computer. It is best to have this knowledge in hand one way or another from the beginning.

Eject the Sony Memory Stick from your device. If your computer has a compatible card reader, simply insert the stick carefully into the reader.

Navigate around your desktop. Under the "My Computer" option on your PC, you will find the option to click on the Memory Stick device and access the photo contents. You may download them to your computer for storage and later perusal. Do not sever the connection/remove the Sony Memory Stick until all contents are downloaded. If you wish to stop downloading at any time, do not jerk out the stick-instead, be sure to cancel the transfer via the onscreen instructions first.

Consider purchasing an external memory card reader for your computer if your device does not have a built in, internal card reader option that supports the Sony Memory Stick, and the above steps are not possible. A number of external card readers can be bought for your Mac or PC that allow reading of Sony cards in a quick and simple process via the USB 2.0 standard (see Resources below).

Install the new memory card reader to your computer. To use the memory card reader, make sure to install any discs/drivers that come with the hardware, following the Auto Install Wizard that should pop up when your computer recognizes the new device and loads the disc via your drive.

Restart your computer, and then plug the USB wire leading from the external reader into one of your computer's USB ports. Then, Sony Memory Stick transfers will be possible via this device simply by extracting it from your camera or cell phone unit and placing it inside the external reader until it clicks snugly into place.