How to Transfer My Memory Card Phone Contacts to My Blackberry

by Katrina Matterhorn

BlackBerry devices are a line of mobile email and smart phones with capabilities such as Internet access, music downloads, task managers, appointment setting, voice recorders, video recorders and cameras. SIM cards are placed in most GSM phone to store device data and identify the user of the cellphone. With the SIM card, you can transfer contacts saved on another phone to the BlackBerry device.


Turn off the BlackBerry device. Remove its SIM card and insert the SIM card you wish to transfer contacts from into the BlackBerry's memory card slot. Turn on the BlackBerry.


Press the "Menu" key on the BlackBerry device. Click "Address Book" and then click "SIM Phone Book."


Press the "Menu" key again and then choose "Copy All to Address Book." Wait for the contact transfers to complete.


Remove the SIM card you copied the contacts from and replace it with the BlackBerrys' original SIM card.

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