How to Transfer Contacts From a LG Phone Using Bitpim

by Keith Patrick

BitPim is a phone synchronization program that allows users to transfer data between their mobile devices and computers. BitPim works for CDMA phones manufactured by LG, Samsung, and Sanyo. BitPim can transfer phone contacts, SMS messages, task-lists, calendars, and multimedia files. You must first connect your LG phone to your computer via USB cable before you can begin transferring contacts.

Insert the USB cable included with your LG phone into the side slot. Insert the other half of the USB cable into an open USB port on your computer.

Click the "Edit" menu and then select "Options." Select your LG phone model from the list of phone types in the program. Click "OK."

Click the "Get Phone Data" option at the top of the application. The "Get Phone Data" icon has a green arrow pointing away from it.

Click the box next to "Phonebook" and then click the circle right next to it. You can also choose to transfer other items from your phone like the calendar, ringtones, text messages, and memos. Click the "OK" button when you have made your selections. BitPim will begin transferring contacts from your LG phone to your computer.

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