How to Transfer a Kindle to a Different User

by Darren Johannsen

If you're planning to give your Kindle to someone else, either as a gift or for profit, the fact that Kindles are tied to their user's Amazon account may have given you second thoughts. Luckily, Amazon provides a process to deregister your Kindle and reregister it with another account.


Navigate to the "Manage Your Kindle" page on the Amazon website.


Find the Kindle you want to deregister in the list, then click the "Deregister" link to its right. Confirm your choice by again clicking the "Deregister" button in the popup window.


Instruct the recipient of the Kindle to navigate to the "Manage Your Kindle" page on the Amazon website while logged into their Amazon account. They can then link the Kindle to their account by clicking the "Register a new Kindle" button, typing in the Kindle's serial number and then confirming the registration by clicking the "Register a new Kindle" button in the popup window.


  • close If you're selling a Kindle, always make sure to deregister the Kindle and delete any purchased content before shipping it to the recipient.

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