How to Transfer Old iTunes Music to a New iPod

by Stephen Lilley

If you've recently purchased a new iPod, you don't have to worry about how you're going to get all of your iTunes music onto your brand-new toy. Even though iTunes recognizes that your library has been synced with a different device, it is still easy to automatically transfer each and every song, video, picture or application from your computer to your new iPod.


Plug your new iPod into your computer. Use the white USB cable Apple provided for you. It was in the box with your iPod and your Apple earbuds.


Open iTunes. After a few seconds, iTunes will recognize your newly connected iPod.


Wait for the message to appear on screen telling you that the iPod you have connected is not the unit that iTunes has previously synced with. You will be asked to specify whether or not you'd like to allow iTunes to sync with the new device. Click "Yes."


Click the "Sync" button. All of your old iTunes music will be transferred to the hard drive of your new iPod.


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