How to Transfer Music From iTunes to a Cheap MP3 Player

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ITunes is the default media player for Apple devices, such as the iPod. ITunes works with PCs as well, but iTunes files are saved in a different format than Windows Media Player files. Because of this, it can be challenging to convert your iTunes files to a format that is playable by a cheap MP3 player. However, it is possible.


Create and name a playlist of the iTunes music that you want to transfer to the other MP3 player.


Insert a blank CD into your computer's optical drive.


Right-click the name of the playlist you created in Step 1 on the sidebar of iTunes and select "Burn CD" from the drop-down menu.


Open the CD with a program that can rip CDs, such as Windows Media Player, once the CD has burned. The burning process may require several CDs, depending on the length of your playlist.


Rip the music files from the CD. Once the files are ripped from the CD, they will be in a format compatible with your cheap MP3 player.


Transfer the music to your MP3 player and start be-bopping to your favorite tunes again.


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