How to Transfer Home Movies to DVD

by Jack Gorman

So you wan to transfer your home movies to DVD. This is a very simple process, mainly involving the purchase of a DVD recorder and some blank DVDs, which will run you about $100 at Best Buy or

Hook up your VHS player to your DVD recorder. Using the RCA cables, locate the "out" ports on your VHS player and the "in" ports on your DVD recorder. Plug in the wires.

Hook up your DVD recorder to your TV. Using the coaxial cable, locate the "out" port on your DVD recorder (will look like a screw), then connect it to the "in" port on your TV (will also look like a screw).

Turn your TV on and tune it to channel 3. Then tune your DVD recorder to the appropriate "Line In" mode. You can determine this by checking the ports where you plugged in the RCA wires. There should be a label there which indicates the appropriate mode. Tune the receiver to this mode.

Insert the tape into your VHS player or camcorder. If you have a camcorder, put it in "VCR" mode. Press "Play." If your TV now has the right picture, then you've set up correctly. If not, go back and check your work using the previous steps. Once you have a picture, stop and rewind the tape to the beginning.

Insert a blank DVD into the recorder. Press "Record," then press "Play" again on your VCR or camcorder. When you've finished, press "Stop" on both.

Finalize the disc in order to make the DVD playable in a regular DVD player. Follow the instruction manual that comes with your DVD recorder; this process is different for every player.


  • check Buy a DVD recorder that uses all the available blank DVD formats, which are DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW. This way, no matter what type of DVDs you buy, they will be compatible with your player.

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