How to transfer Your Firefox Bookmarks to Another Mac

by Contributor

Firefox bookmarks let you keep track of websites. They work well for sites you visit regularly, interesting links you want to review later or to keep track of websites in general. Moving your settings to another Mac may seem like a daunting task if you have hundreds of bookmarks. Fortunately, Firefox includes a backup feature for your bookmarks. The backup feature lets you keep regular backups of your bookmarks and even restore them on another Mac system.


Open Firefox on the original Mac by clicking on its Dock icon or in the Applications folder. Open the Bookmarks menu and click the "Show All Bookmarks" option.


Click the "Import and Backup" icon at the top of the window that appears. The icon looks like a star. Click the "Backup" option.


Enter a name and location for the backup file in the window that appears. Transfer it to the other Mac using a USB stick, email message or any other convenient means.


Open Firefox on the Mac to which you're transferring the bookmarks. Click the "Show All Bookmarks" option in the Bookmarks menu. Click the "Import and Backup" button and select the "Restore" option.


Click the "Choose file" option in the Restore menu. Select the file created on the other Mac. Keep in mind that restoring from this file will overwrite any existing bookmarks on the new system.


  • check This will copy your Firefox Add-ons as well


  • close You should backup your files before making any changes