How to Transfer Files to an SD Memory Card

By Ana Chandler

Use your SD memory card to transfer music between your phone and computer.
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An SD memory card is a digital device used to store a variety of media. You can use your SD memory card to transfer files to and from your computer. To do this, you must have a computer with an SD memory card port or purchase a memory card reader. This technique can be used to share music, photos or back up files to your computer.

Step 1

Insert the memory card into your computer SD port. If you do not have one an SD port on your computer, plug the SD card reader into a USB port and insert the card.

Step 2

Click "Start" and select "Computer." Locate the drive assigned to your SD memory card under the Devices with Removable Storage section. Click the drive to explore the contents of the memory card.

Step 3

Select the files you wish to copy to your SD memory card, right-click them and select "Copy."

Step 4

Create a folder for your files by right-clicking a blank area of the SD card window. Select "New" and choose "Folder." Label the folder as you see fit.

Step 5

Open the new folder and right-click anywhere. Select "Paste."