How to Transfer Files From One iPod to Another

by Sharon Mcelwee

Maybe you've bought a new iPod and want to quickly put music on it from your old one or want to transfer music from your friend's iPod to yours without losing the music you've already put on there. There are ways to transfer files from one iPod to another, but you will need a hub between them, such as a computer or other device.


Decide if you are going to use a hub or a computer to move files from one iPod to the other one. A hub (see Resources) is a device that allows you to view the files and move them, and works well when you are on the go and don't have easy access to a computer. If using a computer, proceed to Step 2. If using a hub, go directly to Step 3.


If using a computer, go online and find the software package you wish to use (one is listed in the Resources section). Download the software and follow the installation instructions.


Connect your iPod to your computer or hub. If you are using the computer, make sure that iTunes is set up to enable disk use and also sync only when you request it.


Using the software or interface, locate the files you wish to move.


Select the files and follow the instructions of your software to move them to the other iPod.


Verify that the files moved successfully and safely disconnect the devices.


  • check You only need special software if moving music and videos. If you have other files on your iPod you want to access, you only need to have disk use enabled in order to move them.
  • check Make sure you are familiar with the instructions before proceeding.

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