How to Transfer Files From the Droid to My Computer

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Your Motorola Droid has a microSD storage card that acts as the phone's own disk drive. All of your Droid's media is stored on your microSD, and you can back up your contact list and other downloaded applications to the microSD, as well. Take that backup one step further and transfer those files from your Droid to your computer.


Connect one end of the Droid's USB cable to your USB port on computer and the other end to your Droid.


Go to the Notifications Bar on your Droid's screen. Touch the very top of screen and lightly drag down. Tap "USB Connected" in the Notifications screen.


Touch "Mount" if a box pops up giving you the option to "Mount" or "Not Mount" your microSD card. Note: Not all Droid models require this step; if the box doesn't pop up, continue to Step 4.


Open your Droid's storage drive on your computer. This is microSD card's drive, and it will show all of the files you have saved on your microSD.


Drag and drop the files you want to transfer from your Droid to your computer. Drop them in the desired folder on your PC. Hold the "Shift" key while dragging and dropping if you want to move the files off of your Droid and onto your PC. Hold the "Ctrl" key if you want to copy the files over.


Go back to the "Notifications Bar," lightly drag down again and touch the "Turn Off USB Storage" when the file transfer is complete. Do not do this until you are certain your Droid has finished moving or copying the files onto the PC.

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