How to Transfer Email Pics to a CD

By Steve Gregory

Transport your email pictures on a CD.
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Whether you use the Mail app in Windows 8 or your online email account to access your email messages, you can use the Burn to Disc tool in Windows to transfer pictures attached to your email messages to a CD. The menus in the Mail app and in Windows enable you to transfer a copy of the picture attached to your email message to your computer’s disc drive folder. The Burn to Disc tool is one of the folder's available tools. Transferring the pictures to a CD not only gives you another way to share the media, but it can also serve as a backup method for your picture files.

Step 1

Insert a blank recordable CD in to your computer's disc drive. This action automatically launches a pop-up box.

Step 2

Click the pop-up box and select "Burn Files to Disc -- File Explorer" from the list of options to open the Burn a Disc dialog window.

Step 3

Enter a title for the CD in the "Disc Title" box and then select the "With a CD/DVD Player" check box.

Step 4

Click "Next" to open the folder representing the computer's disc drive.

Step 5

Launch the Mail app on your computer or log in to your online email account.

Step 6

Open the email message that has the picture you want to transfer.

Step 7

Right-click on the picture and click "Save" or "Save Image As" and navigate to the computer's disc drive.

Step 8

Enter a name for the picture in the "File Name" box and click "Save." The picture file automatically appears in the computer disc drive's folder.

Step 9

Click the picture file to select it and then click the "Share" tab.

Step 10

Select "Burn to Disc" in the Send group to transfer the picture file to the CD. The disc drive automatically opens when the process is complete.