How to Transfer Photos Onto a Flash Drive Stick From Windows XP

By Ashley Donohoe

Windows XP lets you copy files to and from flash drive sticks.
i Jeffrey Hamilton/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A flash drive stick connects to your computer's USB port and lets you transfer data between computers. If you have pictures you want to back up or share with a friend, you can transfer them to the flash drive. Most flash drives work with versions of both Mac OS X and Windows, so you can even access your pictures on a computer with a different operating system than Windows XP.

Step 1

Plug your flash drive stick into one of your computer's USB ports.

Step 2

Open the folder that has the pictures you want to put on the flash drive. Hold down the "Shift" key as you click each picture you want to transfer.

Step 3

Click "Copy the Selected Items" under "File and Folder Tasks" on the left pane of the picture folder's window to open the "Copy Items" dialog box. Select your flash drive, usually labeled as "Removable Disk" followed by the drive letter, under "My Computer." Click "Copy" to transfer the photos.

Step 4

Double-click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the Windows notification area, then highlight your flash drive stick under "Hardware Devices." Click "Stop" and unplug the flash drive when notified you can safely remove the device. Click "Close" to exit the window.