How to Transfer A Domain Name

by Contributor

A domain name acts like a brand name for your website. It's an essential element of your online business. Once you register your name, you can transfer it if you think it no longer suits the image of your company. You can change it for any reason. Make sure it's a name that's user-friendly and unique. Follow these steps to change your domain name.

Go to the site through which you registered your domain name.

Log onto the "Account manager" after you sign in.

Click on the domain name you want to transfer. If you have a number of domain names, click on the one that you want to change now.

Click on "View Registration" of that domain name. This will give you the contact details and other personal details of the registrant.

Go to the "Edit Link," below the registrant information. Edit the contact information.

Click on Transfer "Account holder" by changing the name to whatever you want it to be. Make sure you've done this with the right name and spelling.

Fill in the contact information of the new registrant including the first and last name as well as the email address.

One you click "Save changes" you've transferred your domain name to a new account holder.


  • check Keep the new registrant information handy and updated.
  • check Create a list of all the best registration sites. This will help you choose the best one to move to.


  • close As soon as you're done, the transfer is now the responsibility of the new account holder.

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